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How can this be used in Interpretation - wildfire example

Vegetation renewal:  a mosaic due to wildfire

2002 Wolf Fire was lightning caused and effectively managed for the benefit of the resource. Management of this fire demonstrated the best of wildland fire practices, cooperative efforts, and interpretive techniques.

 Yosemite National Park fire personnel and Rangers also seized the opportunity with the Wolf Fire and the neighboring Lukens Fire to lead walks to the fires. Safety for the visitor's was the first priority. The purpose of the walks was to challenge visitor's perceptions about wildland fire and to demonstrate a dynamic forest process. These fires were both low-intensity fires and easily demonstrated how fire cleanses the forest of fuel loads that can lead to catastrophic fires and how fire benefits the forest ecosystem. Visitors were able to see that fire is not only the catastrophic fire that is showcased in the media. Visitor interest was high and the program was always full. (